1. The 10 Steps to Prevent Culture Shock

In this very first session of the Chinese Students in Sweden Podcast, we will talk about the 10 steps to prevent culture shock and introduce ourselfs.

We are Elin and Chris, and we are here to help you increase your chances of success and happiness in Sweden. We will do our best to help you deal with the culture shock and integrate with the society, we’ll let you know about everything from unknown social rules to food traditions.

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Here are some show notes:

1. Fika

  • Coffee or Tea
  • Special break
  • The secret of making friends

2. Equaliness

  • Most equal country in the world?
  • Men also get paternity leave and women earns more then the guys?!
  • Equal in relationship as well as in work.

3. Right of Public Access (or freedom to roam)

  • Moose Safari
  • You can go, camp and simply be free there.
  • Blueberries, raspberry, mushrooms and dangerous animals?

4. Few people

  • More woods then people?
  • Take time to get closer the locals.
  • Integrity and private zone.

5. Education system

  • No exams!? Well, essays, group assignments and experiments.
  • Less class more freedom = Responsibility
  • Dialogue with teacher and students are required. JIA YOU!

6. Hobbies

  • Free time important.
  • Ask yourself whats MY hobby?
  • Important to have one and why.

7. Shopping

  • Systembolaget
  • Many stores closes early (Bank, cloth stores)
  • Few markets and no bargain.

8. Language

  • Basic English is enough and Swedish is just a plus.
  • Signs in Swedish (We will help you!)
  • Swedes are quiet, haha.

9. Food

10. Family

  • Living apart in privacy.
  • Different family hierarchy and great diversity of people.
  • Size of family and the Swedish dream!

Final notes:
WeChat Elin: “mintsh1”, Chris: “fireflies001”
EMAIL CORRECTION: We said swedenwelcome@gmail.com in the podcast but its actually welcomesweden@gmail.com. We are so sorry for the mistake and hope you’ll resend your emails to the correct email address 🙂

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