2. Money, Money, Money

In this second episode of the Chinese Students in Sweden Podcast, we will talk about money and the big culture difference that goes with it.

We are Elin and Chris, and we are here to help you increase your chances of success and happiness in Sweden. We will do our best to help you deal with the culture shock and integrate with the society, we’ll let you know about everything from unknown social rules to food traditions.

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Here are the show notes:

Basic Facts

Part 1: How we value money in Sweden and the Culture difference

  • From kid to grown up
  • Money VS work
  • Money and status – Read more about Jate-law.
  • The gap between rich and poor
  • Education and hospital

Part 2: The avarage salary

  • Teacher: 25 000 kr
  • Doctor: 49 000 kr
  • Engineer: 32 000 kr
  • Economist: 28 000 kr
  • Real Estate Agent: 33 000 kr
  • Worker in a Shop: 19 000 kr
  • Buss driver: 23 000 kr

Part 3: Prices on food and alcohol

Food example on prices:

  1. Milk, cheese, pasta and bread mostly less expensive than China.
  2. Fruit, vegetable and meat are expensive.
  3. Fish is lower than average price in Europe

The cheapest supermarkets:

  1. Lidl – The cheapest, a German supermarket with both foreign and Swedish brands,
  2. Willys – In almost every town, has a big range of groceries.
  3. Netto – One of the cheaper supermarket, not that big and not in every town
  4. ICA, ICA MAXI – More expensive but their own brand are pretty cheap.
  • Advice – Looking for Chinese food ingredients? You can normally find Chinese supermarkets in bigger cities.

Part 4: Quick summery and conclusions


  • Money not as culturally significant as in China.
  • No bragging with money.
  • Earn more money here, pay more tax.
  • High social security system.


  • Don’t talk about salary with people you don’t know – its rude.
  • Treat people equal no matter of social status and money.

Final notes:
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Email: welcomesweden@gmail.com

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