5. How I got a Husband and Work in Sweden: Interview with Zhou Quan


Zhou Quan:
– From Jiangxi province, China
– Lived in Sweden for four years
– Studied two years at Karlstad University, has a master degree in business administration
– Worked in Trollhättan for 1,5 year
– Has a Swedish husband

Being married with a Swedish guy
– Don’t focus on culture difference, focus on culture respect
– Treat each other with love, understanding and respect most important of all

Chinese weddings:
– Long preparation
– Short dinner
– Short ceremony
– The bride changes her dress after the opening ceremony
– Opening ceremony with speeches and questions before dinner
– Give the couple red envelopes
– Often paid by the parents, especially the guy’s parents

Swedish weddings:
– Often in church with a priest, also often includes family or friends that sings and bless you
– After ceremony there is a long meal
– Mostly payed by the couple themselves

Swedish guys:
– Respect
– Simple
– Honest
– Independent and more individual
– Treat each other equal
– Go dutch

Chinese guys:
– More complex because society is complex and it is hard to show feelings
– Takes more care of their girlfriends like a gentlemen
– Always walks their girlfriends home
– Mostly pay when out for dinner

Work advice
1. Have nice grades in your graduation certificate. It is more important to show you are serious and good at what you do.

2. Don’t stay home and apply for job online. Go out and visit companies, reach out to them and try to connect.

3. Study Swedish. If you want to stay here it is much easier and you’ll have greater chance of success with both life and work if you can speak Swedish. It shows the boss that you plan to stay in Sweden.

Zhou Quan also has a blog, click here to learn Swedish!

Thanks so much once again Zhou Quan for all your advice!

Final Notes:

WeChat ID: “Welcome_Sweden”
QQzone: 中国留学生在瑞典

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