We are here to help you create and achieve an fulfilling life in Sweden! We know Swedish culture and we also know Chinese culture. We love both cultures and want to help you how to handle:

-Culture issues and language barriers

-Increasing your chances of success and happiness in Sweden

-How to make Swedish friends

-Learn Swedish lifestyle

-Deeper understanding of the culture 

-Inspiration how to create a life in Sweden

About us:
We are Elin and Chris; a Swedish couple that simply loves China. We have a passion for connecting with people from different cultures and to travel the world. Both of us share the same fascination for China. It is a country of mystery, rich and long history, great people, amazing food and stunning nature!

Both of us are engaged in several Swedish-Chinese associations and we have created different events between the cultures before. Also, we are former students from universities in Shanghai so we have faced the culture shock as exchange students too.

Our story:
Before we became a couple or even friends we actually lived in the same apartment, but during different times about two years apart. It was a small apartment of only 17 m2 in Trollhättan. We think it is fascinating that we happened to choose exactly the same apartment without even knowing each other!

When Elin came home from her first China trip she met up with her friend, who is also a teacher at University West and asked if she had any contact with the Chinese exchange students. She gave her Chris’ email because he was the ambassador for the Chinese exchange students and the rest is history.

IMG_4468 IMG_4474

About Elin

  • Grew up in Trollhättan, a city in the west part of Sweden with 55 000 inhabitants.
  • From a family of 5 people, mother, father, younger sister and older brother.
  • Likes adrenaline rushes e.g: skydiving from 4000 meters, taking fly lessons, participate in competitions such as 30 km skiing, 100 km bicycling, 1 km sea swimming, 10 km running and so on:).
  • Lived together with a Chinese room mate while studying at Shanghai International Studies University (上海外国语大学).
  • She loves meeting new people from all around the world while hosting and surfing with Couchsurfing.

About Chris

  • Grow up in a small town Mellerud, a small town in the western part of Sweden.
  • Family of four, mother, father, sister and Chris.
  • His passion besides China is to play the guitar! He is actually playing most of the songs you hear on the podcast,  for example The Moon Represent My Heart (月亮代表我的心).
  • Chris loves 包子 so much! In fact he loves so many kinds of Chinese food.
  • Made his thesis work at Shanghai University of Engineering Science (上海工程技术大学).

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