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Swedish Candy You Must Try During Your Stay In Sweden
The names are in Swedish but show this in the store and they will help you find the candy!
1. Gott och blandat påse
2. Ahlgrens bilar
3. Marabou chokladkaka
4. Gelehallon
5. Lakrits, finns många sorter
6. Chokladboll, delicatoboll
7. Nappar
8. Djungelvrål
9. Halonbåtar, pim, pim
10. Polkagris

Top 10 Swedish Pastries You Need To Try!
1. Kanelbulle, (Cinnamon bun day) 4/10
2. Våfflor, (Waffles) with strawberry jam and whipped cream (Waffle day 25/3)
3. Lussekatt, (Saffron bun) during Lucia 13/12 and Christmas
4. Pepparkakor(Ginger bread) during Christmas
5. Gustav Adolf cake 6/11
6. Napoleon cake 17/11
7. Semla,  (Stuffed bun with whipped cream) Fat Tuesday
8. Kladdkaka, mud cake
9. Delicato boll (Chocolate ball)
10. Äpple paj med vanlijsås, Apple pie with vanilla cream

Newspaper about life in Sweden (in English)
Gothenburgh Daily:

The Telegraph- Swedish edition:

The Local:

Three Ways to Find Cheap Tickets for Traveling:
1. App: Scyscanner
Scyscanner is a great tool to use when searching for the cheapest fly tickets in Europe. Search over long time and you can travel really cheap.

2. If you travel in Sweden by train use low price calendar SJ, (lågpriskalendern). If you search in longer time you can get much cheaper tickets like Gothenburg-Stockholm 199 kr (one way) normally it can be over 500kr.
Also if you travel look at all the different prices during the day, normally it varies over the day. Often it is half price some time during the day, if you have time you can save money. (the site for booking train in English)

3. Interrailing in Europe, get an interrail pass and see more of Europe!

Great Resources For Travel

Get Social When Traveling
Meet more people and attend activities with:

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